Top 10 Beautiful Camera Apps for Android

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Presently, cell phones and gadgets just not only need an advance android gadget but also need a good camera on Android devices. With growing social platforms on internet based life systems among the cell phone clients, the crowd has moved their most of the interest towards the picture quality while purchasing a mobile phone.

By purchasing a good camera cell phone isn’t sufficient the smartphone ought to be fit for supporting the variety of camera apps and their functions.

The Android cell phones these days have all the advance highlights worked in for their cell phones. In any case, these default highlights are insufficient for the clients who like to mess about with the manual camera controls.

If you need to meet the necessities of different kinds of Android clients the pattern setting new camera applications for the high quality of pictures is at your salvage.

If you need an incredible nature of pictures one needs to discover for extra camera apps that give an entire bundle including editing and sharing highlights. There are a huge amount of choices accessible for android camera apps and some of them are mention below:

1. Open Camera

Open Camera App







Open Camera as the name recommends is an open-source android camera application that gives a guide to controls from Camera2 API. It has many more features to do professional photography, for example, ISO controls, coordinated pictures, auto adjustment, and slow-movement recordings. One of the main highlights is the voice guidance for tapping on the photos which allow taking pictures when detecting a voice order. This app is growing day by day among users. From time to time new highlights and modes are being added to make pictures more clear and attractive for the user experience.

2. Footej Camera

Footej Camera APP

Footej Camera is a component pressing an Android camera application that offers a collection of shot modes. The application provides both versions free as well as a premium version from beginner to professional users. Similar to other camera applications, it has the highlights of Camera 2 API, ISO control, center settings, burst mode, slow-motion recording, and other more features also.

Users get advance facilities including reducing the interval of burst mode and also create a histogram of the images in the premium version. This will be useful just when one has a related knowledge of using these photography features so while updating to premium version keep in mind.

3. Manual Camera

Manual Camera app

In Manual Camera application, directly use camera controls introduced in the Camera2 API, providing customers with total manual command over their camera settings when taking the shots. It gives the feature of customizing your own shot-making settings for presentation, screen, and core interest. Manual Camera presents users with an enormous number of controls which are practically like DSLR. It extends you a specific UI that fills down with the whole game plan of manual controls. The photographer has direct power over the shot as much as possible.

For working on the manual control shots need to control shots that require a touch of understanding and skills for a photo. A Manual camera without a doubt will furnish you with all the experimental manual controls consequently is suggested for very good quality picture takers.

4. Google Camera

Google Camera app

A Popular Google Camera is the main default mobile camera application for android gadgets. It is supported with most of the android versions which make it better to use this camera application. It has numerous features including the focal point blur mode, slow-movement recordings and more. Being a default application it has certain cons, for example, all the camera features are not accessible by all the android forms.

5. VSCO Cam

vsco cam app

VSCO camera application is another android camera application. The application featuring with cutting edge camera controls, which let you change the options of shine, brightness, highlights, and more other features. A number of customers believe that the essential elements of the VSCO application are its wide game plan of photo adjusting features, it’s the main social segment that is being worked around the application and makes it more interesting. The application has an option for sharing your photos through social platforms.

VSCO is an iOS application that varies from different regions. The camera and application interface is perfect and moderate.

6. Camera 360

 camera 360 app

Camera 360 is an interesting camera application with different stickers and camera modes accessible for a better quality of nature of photos. It has highlights like selfie mode, picture impact, focal point separating and more. It also gives the individual taking photos and one can experience any number of channels to make their picture look great.

It also gives a tilt-move mode which gives a deep impact to the photos clicked. The stickers have also made this application well known among the youngsters for use. It has the component to give you pictures that are on Instagram styled with no trimming.

7. DSLR Camera

dslr camera app

DSLR camera Pro is absolutely a duplicate of the genuine DSLR with all highlights and functions. It gives an adjusting to all over your clicked pictures. DSLR camera application has a live histogram for every setting. This application has a virtual two-state screen get, which enough goes about as a shade catch would carry on a traditional DSLR.

8. Retrica

retrica camera app

Retrica is the most well-known android application among these days which assists with ongoing impacts. Today’s youth generation love to take a picture with applied filters of retina camera. It helps users to apply doodle and stickers to make photos adaptable. The photographs are auto-spared and you can share these photos on your Facebook account. You can also include the information on your photographs.

9. Sweet Camera

sweet camera app

Sweet Camera offers constant beauty effects. There are huge amounts of interesting face filters that you can use here, and even the makeup filters also. You can smoothen and brighten your face with this android camera app that includes a full photograph editor. This application also allows users to color your own hair in a picture and even can shrink your waist.

10. Beauty Plus

beauty plus camera app

BeautyPlus is one more main selfie camera android application. This application originates from Meitu Limited, and it really offers a powerful UI. This application accompanies a huge amount of highlights you may discover engaging. A full skin editorial manager and the equivalent goes for the eye supervisor. You can delete the dark circles beneath your eyes.

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