Top 10 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android Phones

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Are you also fed up with the depletion of a battery of your android cell phone? Nowadays cell phones even in spending range fitted with all the more strong batteries. The cell phones have such huge numbers of incredible highlights they generally stay on the drawback as a saver.

We like most of the battery power saving cell phones. Average cell phones can allow 2-3 days of battery saving. Do you know why? As these cell phones have an extremely set number of highlights. In cell phones, there are many highlights like applications for each big screen, GPS, fast CPU, rapid web and significantly more.

Portable Apps for Google Duo, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube are exceptionally utilized by versatile clients. We are presently dependent on portable games. There are numerous various games accessible in the play store that nobody can deny to play. Presently watching recordings on the cell phone has now become a pattern.

The low limit battery fitted in cell phones is a definitive reason for quick battery discharge. The battery limit assumes a significant role in saving the battery. Be that as it may, we should realize how to build the battery reinforcement on our android cell phone. The appropriate battery will monitor our cell phone is the main way we can get to save the most battery.

So how might you deal with your cell phone’s battery power now? There are some battery saver apps for android which will help to save the battery life of your cell phone.

The following is the list of the best battery saving apps for android smartphones. Let’s look at them.

1. Force Battery

Force Battery Saver App

Force Battery is lightweight and best among saver battery saver apps for android. It will scan all the power using applications and settings to extend battery life. With just one tap. it optimizes and improves the applications. It also stops battery drainage applications while charging.


  1. Stops the function of the battery using the application to save battery, battery saver modes
  2. Gives key battery data including battery status, battery log and battery history.
  3. Effectively charges the battery.
  4. Memory Booster and Junk Cleaner.

2. GO Battery

GO Battery Saver App

GO Battery App is another amazing battery saving app for android. The best highlights such as power-saving mode, switch control, power testing, and more.


  1. With one single tick battery power optimize.
  2. Precise battery backup estimation
  3. This widget is available for a better function of working.

3. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver App

Avast Battery Saver is another of best among battery saver apps for your android cell phone and it is absolutely free. This application is created by PC antivirus programming Avast Free Antivirus. It works with the telephone settings including the Internet connection, screen resolution, and timeout to customize these settings as indicated by your need and battery saving.


  1. Battery enhanced with profiles accessible. These profiles depend on schedule, area and battery level.
  2. Recognizes those applications which expend more power and disable them for all time. This element is recorded under App Consumption.

4. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor Saver App

Battery Doctor is created through popular mobile internet company Cheetah Mobile which is most popular for Battery Doctor and Clean Master. Battery Doctor is a free battery saver application that will help in the battery reinforcement up to 50 percent. This battery saving application is accessible for both Android and iOS.


  1. Help in charging the battery with 3 stage charging system.
  2. Available with CPU Management for rooted phones.
  3. Different Power Saving Modes are available.
  4. You can control the brightness of your smartphone.

5. Dr. Battery

Dr. Battery Saver App

Dr. Battery makes your battery more last for longer by enhancing your smartphone settings and apps. For better battery achievement it stops the unnecessary running applications.


  1. Screen battery charge for quick and productive battery charging.
  2. Clear up the memory to support cell phone speed.
  3. Clean cache records.
  4. Smartphone cools to manage phones do not overheat up.
  5. Show battery status and the remaining time.

6. PowerPro

PowerPro Saver App

PowerPro app has various approaches to save battery. It shuts all the applications running out of sight that is not in use. You can choose the application which you need to run. To back up your cell phone battery, this application also controls the brightness of the cell phone screen.


  1. Diminishes the screen light up glow up to 33 percent without compromising off the display and brightness.
  2. Various profiles for your battery saving requirements.
  3. Battery cooler for keeping the phone temperature low.

7. 360 Battery

360 Battery saver App

360 Battery is another battery saving app for your android phone. It mainly highlights for battery time observing, power sparing mode, and battery charging time reducer. Its battery saving mode permits you to effortlessly stop all battery expending applications with a tick. Its only one-tap optimizer app and fixes battery depleting issues and upgrades your android gadget.


  1. Battery observing gives significant battery data.
  2. Effectively and Accurately estimates the remaining by the time.
  3. Monitor screens various at periods of battery charging.

8. Battery Optimizer and Cleaner

Battery Optimizer and Cleaner App

Battery Optimizer and Cleaner from Intel is a good battery saver application for android. It will increase your phone battery life, clean up RAM and clear up capacity and save mobile data usage.


  1. Let clear up memory and RAM.
  2. Clear junk files and applications.
  3. Information Manager.

9. DU Battery

DU Battery saver app

DU Battery Saver is the best battery saver for android applications which can enhance the battery-saving of your android cell phone. Presently, I am utilizing it on my android cell phone. You can consider it the android power and supervisor. It can save up the battery life of your cell phone up to 50 percent.

10. Greenify

Greenify battery saver app

Greenify is another battery saving app for android. This application is made for rooted Android cell phones.

Greenify application finds those applications which minimize the functioning and battery performance of your android cell phone and sleep those applications that you are not using them. A portion of the applications begin automatically and continues depletion of the battery. You can also put those junk applications to stop their function.

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